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Xombiewoof Magazine Needs Your Help To Make Some Dreams Come True

Good Evening, Morning or Afternoon… wherever you may be! As you know, Xombiewoof Magazine has been my labor of love for the past several years and I want to continue. Running a fast growing Independent Online Music Magazine is time consuming and cost relentless. But as far as the Magazine, it is going strong, but I feel there is so much more work to do, So I am looking to do 3 Major Magazine related projects I need your help with!

We want to start a Music Television Channel to bring Music into the homes across America and around the world. Visit This Page for info, share the link and if possible, consider joining in our new Music Revolution.

We are looking to begin the Groundwork for Music Museum and Community Project for the advancement of Musical Study – Sounds of America will be a community center and free Music School!

Finally, we are having a Music Media Drive collection of any Records, CDs, DVDs, Tapes and Music Gear to raise money for Children’s Charities and Music Education Programs in Schools for this Holiday Season. To donate your used Items or Items for Auction, email for information.

Charity begins at home, and homes deserve Happiness, Music brings Joy and Happiness to everyone, this year give the gift of music and create a special memory for everyone.


Veteran singer / songwriter John Taglieri’s new Ep, Days Like These has entered the Billboard Independent Album Chart at #112 in it’s first week of release, surrounded by artists such as Michael W. Smith, Hellyeah, Blackberry Smoke and Pop Evil  “To say this is fantastic news is a massive understatement,” says Taglieri.  “Days Like These actually came in higher than ‘Southern Paradise’ did and I was thrilled when that record charted! This is my first record to chart on it’s week of release and that’s a great feeling.”
Days Like These, John’s first straightforward melodic rock release in over a decade, benefits from several special guests and John’s residencies in Key West, FL.  “I’m fortunate to have guests like Kenny Aronoff, Rich Redmond and Eric Ragno on this new record,” he states, “and the fact that I played down in Key West on the week of release certainly helped.  Key West is a year round tourist attraction and I’m lucky to play there every other month all year long and while I do play to a lot of regulars, I also get in front of a lot of people passing through. Then they take my CD home and introduce me to their friends which is a HUGE help and really get the word out!”
Back home in Massachusetts, John has the following upcoming shows before returning to Key West in October:
9/6 - McGuiggans, Whitman, MA
9/12 - Turners Yard, Pembroke, MA
9/18 - Southside Tavern, Braintree, MA
9/19 - McGuiggans, Whitman, MA
9/25 - JP Ryans, Abington, MA
9/26 - Castleton State College, Castleton, VT
10/1-10/7 - US Naval Tour
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Xombiewoof Magazine announces their Annual Christmas Fundraiser for Children with a Record Drive.

In an attempt to make the world a better and more musical world for children and us all, Xombiewoof Magazine is starting a Records and Media Donation Drive. We are asking our fans that have Records, CDs, DVDs or Tapes they are no longer listening to or using to us so in November we can have a huge Record swap meet sale to take place both Online at our Big Cartel store and here in California. Donations can be any format, any condition, we are primarily looking for used, but if you are an artist and want to donate New Media or any Autographed Items, Merch or Materials, 100% of the Proceeds are going to 2 charities.

This year the beneficiary charities will be St. Jude Children’s Hospital and Toys for Tots. We are also having a fundraiser for our Heartbeat4Kids Program on Go Fund Me and our Music Television Fundraiser on Indiegogo, so as you can see we are trying our best to do more for everyone in the Musical Community, but our primary focus is for the Kids and a brighter, more musical future.

Please contact us at for more information and where to send Donations for the Record Drive. Records and Donations should be sent by December 1st, Auction and sales will begin December 5th, 2014.

Links to our Fundraisers are:

All Links will be posted at our website on September 9th and the fundraising programs will run until December 21st.

As always our Instruments drive is year round and this past year we have given many kids the chance to learn music with the gift of free instruments we have refurbished from donations.

Thank You.